"Domino" is Teatro Nucleo's theatre performance that this year the company brought to Plovdiv, Bulgaria, European capital of culture 2019, where an art festival took place for ten days on three different sites in the city, Trakyia, Grebna Baza and Stolipinovo. Odyssée Karavana, this is the name of the festival, took place in occasion of the 30th anniversary of Mir Caravan, a festival that crossed a divided Europe in 1989. Odyssée Karavana counted a number of companies and more than 200 artists from different nationalities, and within the fear and strengthening of borders that we are experiencing in Europe in this very political moment, it aims to promote exchange, unity, and encounter of different communities. Teatro Nucleo, an Italian theatre company with a focus on social issues, is one of the companies that took part to Mir Caravan 30 years ago. Here's their journey in Bulgaria and the performance "Domino" is a strong challenge to power, individual freedom and new totalitarianisms.
Trakyia, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, June 2019.